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Extend your drone love with MAVIC 3 Combo!

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Drone fans love to explore the updated collection of drones that can extend the experience with the device. This time, MAVIC 3 Premium Combo is launched and available with us, which will surely fulfill all your expectations. It’s rolling out with a bunch of accessories to extend the functioning of drones. This article will illustrate how this MAVIC 3 Combo will give you the best of expectations. Let’s check it out!

Held off jumping from one drone to another due to more advanced features, this combo pack will keep your drone efficient for years without any interruption or inadequacy. Here’s why!

Announcement: It has been almost a year since the MAVIC 3 was launched, and from 4th November 2021 till today, many new editions have been made. You must know that MAVIC 3 is one of the high technology supported drone cameras that is made to upgrade the drone industry and take it to the peak. The reason behind the incorporation of newer technologies is to add newer specifications as the drone users prefer while using the drones and make them more comfortable to handle. The combo pack is launched with an aim to provide all in one pack so that people can use authentic and appropriate accessories and ensure longer shelf life for the drones. That is why the announcement of this DJI Mavic 3 cine premium combo is itself an incredible thing to revolutionize the drone industry.

The combo package: As said above, the combo pack is announced to make drone operation more efficient and convenient to use; it contains everything important to operate drones. For instance, if you buy this combo pack, you will get an aircraft, propellers, gimbal protector, cable, and everything else. You don’t need to roam around for authentic accessories or use accessories not appropriate to DJI drones.

The efficient features: This DJI Mavic 3 cine premium combo comes with updated features that will extend your expectations. For example, it gives extended battery life, folding and unfolding features without propellers, easy handling weight that is 895g, diagonal length, advanced return home feature, DJI Pro RC with a brighter display, and many more. All these are designed to make your operation more efficient without any inconvenience.

The price: One of the most attractive things about this combo pack is the price. This package with all these accessories is available only at $6528 CAD, which is worth everything you are getting. Also, you can get 12 and 24-months of care refresh with 2 and 3-time replacements, respectively. You can choose the one option for care refreshment that suits your particular preferences.

Get this exclusive collection for the MAVIC3 Combo pack today. Order now and get a prior booking!

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