DJI High-Bright Remote Monitor
DJI High-Bright Remote Monitor
DJI High-Bright Remote Monitor
DJI High-Bright Remote Monitor
DJI High-Bright Remote Monitor

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DJI High-Bright Remote Monitor

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The DJI High-Bright Remote Monitor is integrated with a wide colour gamut display and image transmission receiver and can be used for monitoring, remote parameter adjustment, and remote control via wireless/wired image signals. When used with the Remote Monitor Expansion Plate, outputs of HDMI and SDI signals can be achieved.


With a 7-inch wide colour gamut, 1,500-nit high-bright touchscreen, and an integrated O3 Pro image transmission receiver, the DJI High-Bright Remote Monitor can be used for monitoring, recording, and playback. It also works seamlessly with the Hand Grips, DJI Master Wheels, DJI Force Pro, and the new DJI Three-Channel Follow Focus to remotely enable focus control, high-precision gimbal control, starting/stopping of recording and adjustment of camera parameters. In addition, the built-in gyro sensor turns the monitor into a remote motion controller*. DJI High-Bright Remote Monitor must be used with the DJI Ronin 4D Video Transmitter.


1,500-nit high-bright monitor

7-inch wide color gamut touchscreen display

Output of HDMI and SDI signals

Mirror Control Mode*

Independent recording and playback*

Remote parameter setting, remote control

Motion control*

Customizable LUT and independent LUT for monitoring

Focus assistance and exposure assistance

Independent monitoring of HDMI input*

* Supported later.

In The Box

High-Bright Remote Monitor × 1

Ronin Video Transmission Antenna × 4

Remote Monitor Tempered Glass Screen Protector × 1

Remote Monitor Hood × 1

Remote Monitor Cage × 1

NP-F Battery Adapter × 1

WB37 Intelligent Battery × 1

WB37 Battery Charging Hub (USB-C) × 1

1.5mm Ball-End Hex Key × 1


DJI Ronin 4D Video Transmitter

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