DJI Transmission (Standard Combo)
DJI Transmission (Standard Combo)
DJI Transmission (Standard Combo)
DJI Transmission (Standard Combo)
DJI Transmission (Standard Combo)
DJI Transmission (Standard Combo)
DJI Transmission (Standard Combo)
DJI Transmission (Standard Combo)

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DJI Transmission (Standard Combo)

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  • 20,000ft 1080p/60fps Transmission
  • Unlimited Number of Receivers
  • Seamless Auto Frequency Hopping
  • End-to-End Ultra-Low Latency
  • Transmits Metadata via SDI
  • Dual-link SDI + HDMI simultaneous output

Whats Included:

  • DJI Video Transmitter × 1
  • DJI Video Receiver × 1
  • WB37 Battery Adapter × 2
  • WB37 Intelligent Battery × 2
  • WB37 Battery Charging Hub (USB-C) × 1
  • RS Gimbal Mounting Plate × 1
  • NP-F Battery Adapter (TX) × 2
  • DJI Transmission USB-C Power Cable × 1
  • DC to P-TAP Power Cable × 1
  • SDI Cable × 1
  • USB-C Cable × 1
  • Protector Case× 1
  • Ronin Video Transmission Antenna × 2
  • Installation Toolkit× 1

Take a Closer Look

  • Long-Distance HD Live Feed

    Incorporates O3 Pro video transmission technology that offers an incredible 20,000ft [1]  transmission distance at 1080p/60fps.

  • Unlimited Number of Receivers [2]

    Broadcast mode allows an unlimited number of receivers, convenient for real-time monitoring by multiple teams for enhanced efficiency.

  • Triple-Band Seamless Auto Hopping

    Supports triple-band automatic frequency hopping between 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz, and DFS for optimal wireless channel use.

  • End-to-End Ultra-Low Latency

    Use the same chip solution as Ronin 4D, with every link explicitly optimized to provide end-to-end ultra-low transmission latency.

  • Integrated Wireless Receiver

    The DJI High-Bright Remote Monitor[3] integrates monitor and receiver with expansion features and supportive tools for precise control.

  • Remote Gimbal/Focus/Camera Control [4]

    When used with Ronin 4D Hand Grips or DJI Master Wheels, [5] you can remotely control Ronin 2, RS 3 Pro, focus, and camera functions.

  • Independent Recording and Playback [4]

    1080p/60fps H.264 footage can be independently recorded and stored on a microSD card, making it easy to edit samples right on set.

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