Anzu Robotics Raptor RC Pro Controller
Anzu Robotics Raptor RC Pro Controller

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Anzu Robotics Raptor RC Pro Controller

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The Anzu Robotics Raptor RC Pro Controller, designed to elevate your drone piloting to unprecedented levels of efficiency and precision, is an advanced controller integral to the Raptor-series drone systems, specifically tailored to harness the full potential of your Raptor or Raptor T drone.

Enhanced Control and Connectivity

The Raptor RC Pro Smart Controller offers a seamless connection to your drone, providing real-time data and video feedback with minimal latency. Equipped with a high-resolution display, pilots can view live footage and telemetry in crystal clear quality, ensuring every detail of your mission is captured.

Robust Software Integration

Developed in strategic partnership with Aloft—formerly known as Kittyhawk—the Raptor RC Pro integrates seamlessly with the Air Control app. This software offers advanced operational features, including flight planning, automated takeoff and landing, and detailed flight logs. The interface aligns with industry-leading standards, offering intuitive navigation and comprehensive tools for all your flight needs.

No Geofencing Restrictions

In line with Anzu’s commitment to unrestricted flight experiences, the Raptor RC Pro Smart Controller operates without geofencing, giving pilots the freedom to fly wherever their missions require without artificial limitations. This feature is crucial for operations in remote or sensitive areas where regulatory compliance is managed directly by the pilot.

Subscription-Free Operation

The Raptor RC Pro Smart Controller does not require a subscription for basic operation, ensuring pilots have access to essential flight controls and data without additional fees. Optional enterprise features of the Air Control app are available for those looking to enhance their operational capabilities with tools like fleet management and live streaming.

Data Security and Compliance

Firmware for the Raptor-series drones, managed via the Raptor RC Pro, is securely hosted on US-based servers by Aloft, ensuring compliance with stringent data protection standards. Pilots can conduct firmware updates directly through the controller, ensuring your system is always running the latest and most secure software, without third-party interference.

Dedicated Support and Compliance Assistance

Anzu Robotics provides comprehensive support through the Raptor RC Pro Smart Controller, including LAANC authorization via the enterprise version of the Air Control app. Registration is required to link pilots with their flight permissions, streamlining compliance and operational readiness.

Whether you are conducting complex commercial operations or simple aerial photography, the Anzu Robotics Raptor RC Pro Smart Controller is your gateway to mastering the skies with confidence, precision, and ease.

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