DJI Air 2S Filter
DJI Air 2S Filter
DJI Air 2S Filter
DJI Air 2S Filter

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DJI Air 2S Filter

Sale price$25.00 CAD
Filter:AIR 2S UV Professional


PGYTECH AIR 2S UV Filter (Professional)

The filter has a hard coating that protects the lens and sensors by preventing UV light from entering the camera. It blocks out blue light which prevents images from looking bluish or whitish when shooting in open spaces like at sea or in large fields.

PGYTECH DJI AIR 2S ND Filter(8/16/32/64) (Professional)

Photos:It prevents overexposure and saturates colors, which is especially useful when capturing water mists or nighttime light trails. Videos:It reduces the shutter speed to create smooth, cinematic, aerial videos.

PGYTECH DJI AIR 2S CPL Filter (Professional)

The CPL filter eliminates glare from reflective surfaces, such as water, snow or even glass windows when flying outdoors. It increases color saturation and image clarity to create more expressive and vivid images. Perfect for stronger contrast between blue sky and white clouds. Filter out reflected light from water, or glass efficiently. Rotate to change its polarizing effect.

PGYTECH AIR 2S ND-PL Filter (Professional)

The Hybrid ND-PL filter prevents unwanted reflections. It also saturates colors and improves image sharpness to create more vivid photos. It reduces the shutter speed and prevents overexposure to create smooth, cinematic, aerial videos. Rotate to change its polarizing effect.

Extremely light, yet robust without influencing drone performance.

CNC Aviation aluminium frame makes the filter extremely light,
yet robust. It is corrosion proof and carefully engineered to
not affect your drone’s balance.

German SCHOTT optical glass for high-definition images.

The filter uses German SCHOTT glass as its base material, which has been ground and polished multiple times to create a low refractive index for color accurate photo capture.

Double-sided coating making it water, oil and scratch resistant.

The filter's double-sided, multi-layered coating repels water and oil, which makes it easy to keep clean. The filter's hard coating also makes it scratch resistant.

Reduces reflection without color shifts

The filter's optical glass contains a refection reducing coating to maintain color accuracy and balance.

*Neutral Density Filter Diagram

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