PolarPro VND 3-6 Filter | Mavic 3 Pro
PolarPro VND 3-6 Filter | Mavic 3 Pro
PolarPro VND 3-6 Filter | Mavic 3 Pro
PolarPro VND 3-6 Filter | Mavic 3 Pro

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PolarPro VND 3-6 Filter | Mavic 3 Pro

Sale price$99.00 CAD



  • Precisely engineered for the DJI Mavic 3 Pro.

  • Includes VND 3-6 stop filter + protective storage case.

  • Laser-etched stop indicators for seamless adjustments.

  • Lightweight aluminum frame design.

  • CinemaSeries™ Glass - Features a low refractive index, color neutrality, and perfect target transmission. Made in Germany.

  • AdventureAssurance™ - Be satisfied with your PolarPro gear throughout your adventures or your money back.


This Mavic 3 Pro VND filter features 3-6 stops of precise light control, ideal for filming in most lighting scenarios. Reduce your shutter speed by utilizing the laser-etched stop indicators without the hassle of needing to swap out filters. Constructed of an aerospace aluminum frame, each filter is gimbal-optimized and true to the compact form of the Mavic 3 Pro. Like all PolarPro gear, this filter is backed by AdventureAssurance™, ensuring this filter will be a staple in your kit for years to come.



Elevate Your Aerial Cinematography


Featuring 3-6 stops of precise light control designed to enhance your filming experience in any lighting scenario.


Elevate Your Aerial Cinematography

Aluminum Frame + CinemaSeries™ Glass


With an ultra-lightweight frame design and laser-etched stop indicators combined with our renowned CinemaSeries™ glass for pristine optics.


Aluminum Frame + CinemaSeries™ Glass

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